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Wolfteam Latino2012: - The choice is yours.
- I think it's highly unlikely that we'll ever get any help from the national government.
- How long have you been in the U.S.?
- I am not acquainted with him.
- When he spoke, everyone became silent.
- They insisted on my getting the work done by tomorrow.
- Julian wears round glasses like John Lennon's.
- The company is managed by my older brother.
- Tom arrived late at the station.
- She rejected him.
Do you have any vacancies? How far is it to the airport? He easily gets angry. I wish I had taken better care of myself. It's August 25th. You'd better not go out in this cold weather. All of the dogs were alive. He will advise you on that matter. Do you know if she can speak English? The train had already left when they got to the station.

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