Name: Ccr Fortunate Son
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Did you notice any change? Will you show me your photo album? Will you sell your car to me? I know you're probably mad about what I said yesterday. They stopped to talk. She heard him sing his favorite song. The more I think abou more I think about it, the less I understand it. Is your mother at home? She was breathing hard. She spends a pretty good chunk of time just sitting there and looking out the window.
Ccr Fortunate Son: - He's about the same age as you.
- What will you use it for?
- Would you like to go to the zoo this afternoon?
- I think it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to do that by yourself.
- Do you play soccer?
- What did you do last Sunday?
- Do you like surfing?
- I was watching the news a little earlier. They said it's probably going to snow tomorrow.
- Turn right at the next intersection.
- Have you figured out the cost?
He turned out to be her father. She tempted him. I easily found his office. I have to go soon because I left the engine running. He is now on his own. My sister isn't studying now. I caught up with him soon. You're really sensitive, aren't you? She went with him to the movies. What did he ask you?

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