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I saw five men. If you need my help, please let me know. You should pay your rent in advance. I don't feel like going out this morning. Sorry - I didn't hear the alarm clock. He told me that his father was a teacher. Could I help you? I'm broke. She was coming down the stairs. I took a walk.
Plies Motivation: - Where do you work?
- I guess it's impossible for me to learn how to play the oboe.
- Could I change rooms?
- She was surprised when she saw the ghost.
- His advice didn't help much.
- What did you do last Sunday?
- I am not a teacher.
- That's too much.
- I used to often take walks along that river.
- I am just going for a walk.
Do you think you'll be back by 11:30? Alright, then let's take an umbrella. Is your brother coming with us? I consider spaghetti to be one of the greatest foods in the world. I had a good time at the party. Let's have sushi. Yes, it can be frustrating, but it's important and it's interesting to watch. We received word of his death. Here you are. Could you do this instead of me? He came here again.

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